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Pittsbugh bakery employee caught licking fingers while touching donuts



PITTSBURGH — The owner of a local bakery is shocked after seeing a video of his employee licking her fingers as she is preparing doughnuts.

In the video, after she licks her fingers, she sprinkles something over the doughnuts.

Then she proceeds to lick her fingers and touch the doughnuts again and again and again.

This happened at Paddy Cake Bakery in Bloomfield.

The video was sent to various news agencies locally, and a crew immediately approached the business owner to see if it was legitimate and get his reaction.

The owner, Patrick Connolly, is shocked and told us he didn’t know about the video.

Connolly said the employee is new.

He said his team bakes around the clock, and he can’t always be at the bakery to know what is going on.

“She’s only been here a few days, and I didn’t know what was going on,” Connolly said.

Now that he knows about it, he’s taking quick action.

“She’s gone. She will be gone,” Connolly said. “You just don’t do that in a bakery.”

Paddy Cake Bakery has been around for 37 years. We looked into the bakery’s most recent health inspection reports.

Two COVID-19 assessments had no violations. There were a few hygiene issues from a 2019 health inspection report.

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LIVE: Joe Biden admits to creating “extensive voter fraud organization”



PENNSYLVANIA – Steel Town News and PA Breaking News has uncovered a new video from the Joe Biden campaign where Joe Biden admits to creating an “extensive voter fraud organization”.

By default, President Donald Trump will remain president of the United States and Biden will be disqualified from the election.

It is a federal crime to commit voter fraud in the United States of America.

You can view the video below.

The video is now trending on Twitter as it has been retweeted hundreds of thousands of times.

It is unclear what the Federal Bureau of Investigation will do now, or if it will be claimed to be another “Biden Gaffe”.

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Facebook has been caught using voter-suppression tools to ban Republican accounts



Facebook Inc. has been caught using voter-suppression tools and techniques to remove pages and profiles of those who support the Republican and Conservative candidates.

In a controlled test environment, two accounts we’re created by the Pennsylvania Breaking News website. Each website added 10 “friends”, in addition to using a profile picture border to support respective candidates.

5 political posts were made on each account, along with 10 shares from the respective candidates (Donald Trump for the Republican account and Joe Biden for the Democratic account). On the eve of the election, the Republican account was seized and disabled by Facebook Account Security. The Democratic account remains active.

Facebook could not comment on account security related questions but numerous reports have surfaced that their algorithm has been attacking Republican-based accounts.

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If Trump wins again, he can have a third term…



In a shocking turn of events, it has been said that Donald Trump is eligible for a third term if he is re-elected come November 3rd. Many democratic voters rule this theory out based upon the 22nd amendment, but are they right?

Today, the Lincoln Project, who is a major anti-Trump advisor, has aired a new ad confirming they are wrong. Donald Trump is eligible for a third term due to the failed impeachment process that occurred in early 2020.

Last month, Forbes had reported that Trump was stating he would “negotiate” a third term because “he’s entitled to it”. Come 2024, he will be on the ballot if he chooses to be.

Not only did the failed impeachment entitle the president to run yet again, but, the Clinton campaign was caught spying on the GOP’s campaign materials. Spying on another campaign is illegal.

Franklin D. Roosevelt actually served a third term and won a fourth, but he has died just a few months after the inauguration. FDR led the country out of the Great Depression and through World War II, much like President Trump had led the country through the coronavirus pandemic.

Will you be voting for Donald Trump on November 3rd? Comment below!

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